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HCQS Excellence


State-of-the-art Equipment

HCQS’s plants are essential to our ability to meet the customer demands. By taking advantage of manufacturing automation,we deliver superior quality in products with maximized cost efficiencies.

How We Give You an Advantage

Your success is paramount. We deliver the industry’s broadest portfolio and have the right expertise to give you the advantages it takes to succeed. We work closely with each customer to deliver tailor mobile spare parts solutions to meet specific needs by integrating services across our portfolio---never compromise.

Integrated Supply Chain

Our integrated supply chain remains us capable regardless of any market turbulence. This capacity allows us to respond promptly to our customers’ demands, at the same time maintain the highest levels of quality backed by unwavering integrity and responsibility.

Our expanding international presence accelerates prompt response, tailor-made after-sales solutions, fast delivery and return to our customers.





North America


HCQS Plant

Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us reduce cost, time, complexity and risk for our customers on a daily basis. Our goal is to stay ahead with integrity and be candid and respectful with people and the environment.