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Technical Support

Providing industry-leading support has long been a pillar of our partnership with customers. HCQS technical support service answers your technical questions and provides you advanced product and application support. The service relies on HCQS extensive technical expertise which you can reach through our contact centers.

Start your repair business — Basic Repair Skills


How to engage in one of the world’s fastest growing industries? You might have tried to gather information on google and watched some public video tutorials. But the cluttered and disorganized resources occasionally hinder you from getting the right answers.

Here we offer you high quality videos from experienced technicians to teach you step-by-step how to repair mobile devices. And we integrated the technical, theoretical and the business side of the mobile device repair business. 

      What will you learn?

n  Diagnose issues with defective mobile devices

n  Identify the Solution for issues found during diagnosis

n  Disassemble and Reassemble most mobile devices

n  Replace small parts

n  Fix broken screens on mobile devices

n  Understand some of the theory related to mobile devices

n  Understand the business aspect of the mobile device repair industry

Advance to Master — Senior Training Courses

Most repair men are focus on the most common screen repairs and parts replacements and are lack of senior repair skills. Now it’s time to go for Chip-level repairing. Small group on-site training classes are available to anyone wanting to learn the advanced chip-level motherboard repair. Course material is customized based on the needs of each group. The course covers a wide range of topics and each workshop is designed for your success. 


Know-how Support – Remote & On-site support

When a fault occurs, you need quick support to fix the problem. Our well-proven technical support team can perform remote diagnosis services, or can set up an on-site intervention if needed, to avoid long product outages.  SCHEDULE NOW >>

Throughout the whole training course, HCQS will offer you a customized forum where you can ask and answer questions and we would answer some hot topic with certain videos to make it easier for you to learn. And it’s a well-maintained community consisting of hardworking students and instructors.