What are these Most Easily Damaged ICs on iPhone and How to Repair Them?


Today, we will demonstrate the most vulnerable ICs on the iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X and the repair tips. Hope you enjoy our sharing

Below is the common IC damages we will meet for iPhone 7/7P/8/8P/X:

Normally, IC damage can be solved in two ways:

The first way is to remove the corresponding chip from the spare board for replacement.

If you choose to remove the chip from the spare motherboard, it has damage risk and needs to be reballed before installation. You should carefully remove the IC chip, reball the IC, and put it back.

The second way is to buy a new good chip and replace directly.

New good chip replacement requires no reballing, and can be installed directly, which saves time and effort. This is the easiest way that we recommend.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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