JC Universal Home Button for iPhone 7-8P- the Final Edition (V4)


HCQS and JC officially reached a strategic partnership! HCQS is the ONLY authorized agent for JC products in overseas markets, we will bring the best price and service support for great JC products to our customers!

Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation for JC&HCQS

JC has released the Final Edition (V4) universal home button for iPhone 7-8P in the end of June. Today we’ll introduce the new and the best home button in industry for you.

1.Standby Power Consumption As Low As 0.015MA

We tested the standby power consumption of 3 home buttons, one is JC home button(the final edition,V4), another 2 buttons are from market. We found out that the consumptionof JC home button is much lower than others. That will help battery consumption last longer.

2. No False Touch and Ghost Touch

JC uses a mechanic button instead of force touch button, with smarter product design, it sloved false touch and ghost touch issue.

3. Fits Into the Phone Perfectly

installation comparision

When we install the JC home button with the phone, it fits perfectly.

4. Compatiable with iOS 13 & Support Hot-Plugging

Testing under iOS 13

JC home button is compatiable with iOS 13. When we test it under the newest iOS system, it works great. Also it supports hot-plugging, that means you can connect or disconnect it without power off.

(we suggest to power off when we plug or disassemble any parts)

5. Bluetooth Connection & Shortcircuit Flex not Required

It dosen’t require bluetooth connection and shortcircuit flex. The same way to install and use just as original one, that is much easier for repairing the home button.

6. All Funtions Work Well Except Touch ID

All functions work well, after repalcing JC home button, you can make screenshot, wake up siri etc. But touch ID is not available .

If you are intersted in JC home button and other JC tools, feel free to contact us. As the ONLY authorized agent, HCQS is able to offer you the best price and service support. And we will update more JC tools for you , stay tuned!

For more testing details of JC home button, please watch below video

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