iPhone X Motherboard Separation, Reballing and Restoration


Ever since the launch of the iPhone X, Apple has used double-stacked board in order to save more space. The disadvantage of such smart design is the increasing difficulties in board-level repairs. And now we share an easy and efficient solution for you to separate, reball and restore the motherboard for iPhone X. This fundamental technique is very crucial for double-stacked board-level repairs. We hope you like the sharing.


Step. 1 Motherboard Separation

Use the heating platform to tear down the motherboard of iPhone X. Next, clean both layers. Last, remember to check both layers clean and without damage.

Step. 2 Motherboard Reballing

Reballing the motherboard.

There are tips for you: carefully check the reballing, the size of tin balls should be identical, no extra joint.


Sept. 3 Motherboard Restoration

Align both board layers, and set them in the correct position. Please recheck to make sure there is no gap in between.

Sept. 4 Final Check

Buckle the display assembly and connect the battery, iPhone X turns on normally. Case closed.


Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools & Materials

Heating platform

Soldering iron


iPhone X fixture

Desoldering braid/Solder wick



Cleanroom wipes

Soft brush

Solder flux

PCB cleaner

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