iPhone 11 Pro First Teardown


New iPhones have hit the market, but how does it look inside? Will the new iPhone be difficult to dissemble and repair? Check out our first iPhone 11 Pro teardown, we will reveal the inside truth of the new fantastic iPhone 11 Pro.

Let’s get started!

Step 1 Separate the Screen Assembly

This is a 64-gigabyte version of the iPhone 11 Pro in space gray. First, turn off the iPhone 11 Pro and take out the SIM card slot, heat up the iPhone 11 Pro with the heating mat (temperature setting: 80℃)

Free a pair of bottom pentalobes, then use a big knife blade to pry open a gap, insert a triangle pry bar to pry open and lift the screen assembly.

Take off the shield, unbuckle the battery connector and lift the display flex cable with the spudger. The screen assembly has been successfully dissembled.

Step 2 Take off the Cameras

Remove the ear speaker and front sensor assembly carefully. Then take off the shield and triple camera setup.

Take down the TrueDepth camera flex cable afterwards (there are 3 of them: front camera, infrared camera, dot projector).

Step 3 Remove the Motherboard

Unbuckle all the flex cables on the motherboard, and pull back the small pillar in the SIM card slot to remove the motherboard.

Step 4 Take off the Taptic Engine

Tear off the battery sticker on the battery then take off the charging dock shield, finally, remove the Taptic Engine.

Step 5 Remove the Battery

We are now able to remove the charging dock flex cable aside the battery and the battery sticker aside the battery. Then unbuckle the bottom battery flex cable and remove the battery.

Step 6 Take off the Loud Speaker

Step 7 Take off the Charging Dock

We can now free the charging dock screws and take off the charging dock.

Step 8 Remove the Volume Button

Remove the waterproof black strip on the side of the volume button. Then free the side button screws.

Use the knife blade to separate the volume flex cable and the back housing, then remove the volume button. Teardown completed.

iPhone 11 Pro Teardown Precaution

  1. Be aware of the flex cable when remove the screen assembly
  2. There’s adhesive under the ear speaker assembly, pay attention not to break the flex cable when remove the assembly
  3. Pull back the small pillar in the SIM slot to remove the motherboard
  4. There are 3 battery stickers needs to be removed
  5. There are side screws on the frame need to be removed when take off the charging dock flex cable

Our Repair Thoughts

  1. Compare with the previous iPhone, the ear speaker and sensor assembly is relatively easier to be removed
  2. The motherboard overall design structure is rather stable, making maintenance less difficult.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools Used in This Teardown:

Heating pad/mat


Knife blade



Anti-static wrist strap

Triangle pry bar

Scrape knife

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