iPhone 11 Pro Exclusive Repair Tips, Motherboard Separation and Restoration| Motherboard Repair


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Motherboard Separation

Dissemble the iPhone 11 Pro and take down the motherboard, heat the motherboard with the heating platform and separate the motherboard layers carefully with a pair of tweezers.

Note: we use the heating platform for the iPhone XS Max to separate the motherboard as there’s no heating platform which matches the motherboard perfectly for iPhone 11 Pro on the market yet.

Exclusive Repair Tips

The overall repairability for iPhone 11 Pro is improved as the repair difficulty is reduced compared with the iPhone X and iPhone XS, which is a good thing for repair technician

USB Control IC

We found no black sticker on the iPhone 11 Pro USB control IC as we found on the iPhone X and XS, the position of the USB control IC is quite different from the others as well. The iPhone X has its USB control IC by the side of the CPU, while the iPhone XS has its USB control IC near the NAND, both increase difficulties to repair, therefore, the iPhone 11 Pro USB control IC is comparably easier to repair

Audio IC

The Audio IC on the iPhone 11 Pro is the same as the iPhone X, both can remove directly, to repair them is simpler than the iPhone XS. Additionally, to remove the camera power supply IC, you need to remove the shield.

Loud Speaker & Vibrator IC

The iPhone 11 Pro loud speaker and vibrator IC are on the charging board, therefore no longer need to separate the motherboard in order to repair them. You can choose either remove or replace the charging dock flex cable to repair the loud speaker or vibrator IC.


The baseband part including the Wi-Fi chip has no big difference from the earlier models, However, the density of the components is reduced, and the repair difficulty is relatively reduced.

Earpiece Amplifier

No matter the earpiece amplifier is on the upper motherboard layer or bottom motherboard layer, motherboard separation is always necessary when it comes to repair, the repairability doesn’t change much compared with the earlier models


When it comes to iPhone 11 Pro signal repair, we don’t need to remove the SIM card holder as we do for iPhone X, we don’t need to remove the touch connector board as we do for iPhone XS neither. The iPhone 11 Pro signal repairability is highly improved

Motherboard Restoration

Place the motherboard on the heating platform, apply solder flux evenly and nicely on the edge of the motherboard and put the motherboard layers back together

After the restoration, install the motherboard and test.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:


Knife blade



Screw driver

Heating platform

Solder flux paste

Suction cup opening pliers

2 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Exclusive Repair Tips, Motherboard Separation and Restoration| Motherboard Repair

  • November 13, 2019 at 9:19 am

    Hy can you repair no modemfirmware serial in iphone 7 board? only search network

    • November 19, 2019 at 3:28 am

      Take off the baseband PMU and measure the diode resistance of the motherboard layer, if the diode resistance showed normal then replace the baseband PMU, baseband clock, if it doesn’t help, then it might be baseband CPU poor soldering or baseband CPU damage


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