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  1. Happy Lunar New Year 2019HCQS EU Office Gives You Reliable Support During Holidays

We would like to wish all of you and your families a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! Please be noted that our China offices will be closed during the holidays, but our EU office work and serve you as usual, you can contact; or shop directly on



  1. Korean Researchers Develop Transparent and Foldable LEDs, New Hopes for Display?

Researchers from Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology developed a new perovskite-based LED (PeLEDs) which are flexible enough to fold and are also transparent. Perovskite LEDs feature high electron mobility, good color purity, and easy color control, which could be a new future for display industry.


  1. Apple Supplier Japan Display Seeks $890 Million to Fund Restructuring

Japan Display Inc (JDI) has been hurt from the poor performance of the iPhone XR as over half of JDI’s revenue comes selling LCDs to Apple. And Apple has not only been cutting component orders, it may drop LCD in favor of AMOLED entirely starting next year. According to Reuters, the Japanese company is seeking about 100 billion yen ($890 million) from its main creditors to fund restructuring.


  1. Double-doping of OLED Materials Could Double the Efficiency of Polymer OLED Displays

Researchers from Sweden’s Chalmers University have developed a new “double doping” process that basically doubles the efficiency of Polymer OLED emitter materials. The researchers explain how it is possible to move two electrons for every dopant molecule which increases the conductivity of the organic material. The same technology could also be used to double the efficiency of organic solar panels (OPV) and bioelectronics devices. The discovery could allow further improvements to technologies which today are not competitive enough to make it to market.


  1. Apple Could be Developing its Own Next-gen Batteries

Apple already designs a number of components in-house and recent reports have suggested that it also has plans for custom modems, microLED displays and batteries. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple recently hired Soonho Ahn as its Global Head of Battery Developments. Previously, Ahn worked at LG Chem for 18 years until 2014 and, more recently, at rival Samsung SDI. The recently-hired Apple employee led the development of both current-gen lithium battery pack and also next-gen batteries and materials.


  1. Samsung to Bring Reverse Wireless Charging to the S10

Inspired by Huawei Mate 20 Pro, The South Korean manufacturer is going to bring reverse wireless charging to the S10. Reverse wireless charging is a feature that makes it possible to use one device to charge anther one that support wireless charging, this means that you can use your cellphone to charge other device that support wireless charging. What do you think of reverse wireless charging? Leave us your thoughts.


  1. LG Will Show a Phone with Hover Gestures on February 24th.

LG has set its Mobile World Congress event date – February 24 – and revealed its tagline ‘Goodbye Touch’. Controlling your smartphone via hover gestures isn’t new technology, the feature was prominent in marketing material on the Samsung Galaxy Note upon release in 2011, but we guess LG has something special to offer.

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