How to Use A Multimeter to Repair?


The multimeter is mostly used for measuring voltage and current, it helps for sanity checks and troubleshooting during repairs. Today, we will show you how to use a digital multimeter, an indispensable tool that you can use to diagnose circuits, learn about electronic designs, and even test a battery.

First, insert the black probe into the COM ports which stands for common and is almost always connected to the Ground or ‘-’ of a circuit. And then insert the red probe into the mAVΩ port. This port is used for measuring current and capacitance, 20A is the special port used when measuring large currents (greater than 200mA).

Below is knobs of the multimeter and its diverse function:

Normally, we adjust the function knob to the DC voltage of 20V, which can basically satisfy all mobile phone voltage measurements. By adjusting the function knob to the diode mode and buzzer mode, we can test the continuity and the resistance of the circuits.

Let’s take a look at how it works.

Adjust the knob to the DC voltage 20V range, and measure the battery voltage.

The red probe is connected to the ‘Positive’, and the black probe is connected to the ‘Negative’ (if the test probes are connected reversely during the measurement process, the measured value will be converted to a negative number).

Hold B/L button (long press for 3 seconds will light up the display).

After we measure the value, press the button to keep the value displayed.

Next, let’s test the continuity, first adjust the knob to the diode mode and the buzzer mode.

The probe connected to the wire, and the value is displayed as 000.0, indicating that it’s connected.

Next, let’s measure the motherboard resistance.

The red probe is connected to the ground, and the black probe is used to measure, then You can measure the corresponding resistance.

Measure the other end, the value shows 000.0, indicating that it is connected to the ground.

Please refer to the below video:

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