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How can you fix iPhone abnormal reboots when there is no software malfunction? In this article, we will tackle what causes the iPhone X get stuck on reboot loops and how to troubleshoot and repair it. We hope you enjoy our sharing

Step 1 Function Test

When turn on the iPhone X, it keeps rebooting after the Apple logo appears.

Step 2 Troubleshooting

Without powering off, dissemble and troubleshoot the iPhone parts. Start with troubleshoot the infrared camera flex cable, volume flex cable and antenna flex cable, then troubleshoot the front camera flex cable, flood illuminator module and dot projector flex cable. All tested fine. next, unbuckle the charging dock flex cable and test, the iPhone stops rebooting and can enter the system.

Step 3 Diagnosis

Turn off and dissemble the iPhone, observe under the microscope, we discover the water damage has corroded the charging dock flex cable. Clean up with the PCB cleaner, the reboot problem remains, as the iPhone is able to enter the system when unbuckle the charging dock flex cable, therefore the charging dock corrosion is not the cause of the iPhone reboot loop.

When remove the vibrator and loud speaker, the reboot problem remains. But we observed corrosion on the vibrator flex cable connector on the motherboard.

Step 4 Repairing

Clean up both the vibrator connector and motherboard vibrator connector with PCB cleaner, then reassemble the vibrator and loud speaker.

Step 5 Final Check

Reassemble the motherboard, iPhone can enter the system, all function works normally, repair completed.


Many reasons can cause iPhone reboot loop: system software defect, phone part defect or motherboard defect, to repair, we should troubleshoot from simple to difficult, if you find our article  helpful, please spread and share!

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