How to Remove Logic Board Shields for iPhone | Motherboard Repair Basics


iPhone has several shields on its logic board to protect the components and chips, when it comes to chip-level repair, you need to remove these shields first, in this article, we share how to remove logic board shields for iPhone, hope you enjoy our sharing.

Note 1

When remove the metal shield, use the hot air gun to heat (temperature settings: 420℃) evenly around the metal shield, then use the tweezers to carefully remove the metal shield

Note 2

To remove black protection sticker, directly tear down the anti-static sticker to repair

Note 3

When repair the baseband chip, first remove the antenna. Then use the hot air gun (temperature settings:420℃) to heat evenly around the metal shield

Note 4

When remove the metal shield, you can protect the logic board connector from deformation by applying thermal insulation tape or tin foil on both sides of the shield. Then use the hot air gun to heat (temperature settings: 500℃) evenly around the metal shield. Then carefully remove the shield with tweezers (please carefully control the temperature, do not heat the components on the side and be aware not touch the components when removing the shield)

Note 5

When you need to repair the components blocked by the shield, you can use the cutting pliers to cut off the shield part that covers the component, but please don’t cut other components.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Motherboard fixture

Hot air gun


Scrape knife

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