How to Fix iPhone X Won’t Boot Up | Motherboard Repair


There can be many reasons when you can’t boot your iPhone X normally, regardless of the problem, you can always use the DC Power Supply to help to measure the current and confirm the problem before repairing. In this article, we will show you how to troubleshoot and repair the iPhone X won’t boot up, hope you enjoy.

Step 1 Function Test

Connect the iPhone X motherboard to the DC Power Supply and boot up. The booting current jumps directly to 800 mA when trigger booting, such abnormal current is normally caused by a short circuit of the power supply.

Disconnect the power and use the heating platform to help to separate the motherboard. Buckle the upper layer motherboard to a screen assembly and connect to the DC Power Supply, when booting up and test. The iPhone boots up properly, and the booting current showed normal too, the upper layer motherboard is proven to work normally.  Therefore, the problem caused iPhone not booting is from the bottom layer motherboard which needs to be troubleshot next.

Step 2 Troubleshoot

Measure the diode resistance of the power supply output and the diode resistance of the 1.8V inductor is measured short. According to the schematic, there are quite many components on the bottom layer motherboard use the 1.8V power supply, we can use the burn-in test and rosin method to narrow the range

Step 3 Diagnosis

Clip the bottom motherboard with ground wire and adjust the voltage to 1.8V for a burn-in test. Next, use the rosin method to troubleshoot the components. The rosin on the capacitor C2414_E is found melts first.

Step 4 Repair

Scrape off the black sticker where the rosin melts, then remove the capacitor. Measure the diode resistance of the 1.8V power supply with the multimeter, the diode resistance showed normal. Finally, clean off the motherboard with the PCB cleaner, reassemble the motherboard and cool down for 5 minutes.

Step 5 Assemble & Test

Buckle an iPhone X screen assembly, connect to the DC Power Supply and test, iPhone display works properly, repair completed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:


DC Power Supply

Heating platform

Knife blade



Soldering iron



PCB cleaner

Solder flux paste

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