How to fix iPhone X Recording Has No Sound | Motherboard Repair


We have received an iPhone X which has voice recording issue from our customer, in this article, we show how to troubleshoot and fix iPhone X recording has no sound via motherboard repair, hope you enjoy our sharing, spread or share is always welcome.

Step 1 Function Test

Boot up the iPhone X and test, then launch the Voice Memo and try to record sound. We found the iPhone is unable to record sound properly even both the ear speaker and loud speaker work normally.

Step 2 Diagnosis

Turn off the iPhone and take down the motherboard, use the multimeter to measure the diode resistance of the charging dock connector. The diode resistance showed normal.

Step 3 Troubleshoot & Repair

Heat the motherboard on the heating platform, then carefully separate the motherboard.

Take off the audio IC with the hot air gun. Add solder flux, then clean off the solder pads with the soldering iron, desolder the solder pads with the solder wick afterwards, and clean off with the PCB cleaner.

Replace a new good audio IC and desolder the boards with solder wick.

Align the motherboard in the soldering station, then scrape the solder paste evenly. Finally place the motherboard in the heating station and solder.

Step 4 Assemble & Test

Install the motherboard, boot up the iPhone X and test. Voice recording back to work properly, other function works as well, repair completed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:





Motherboard fixture holder



Heating platform

Hot air gun

Solder flux

Soldering iron


Desoldering braid/solder wick

Cleanroom wipes

PCB cleaner

Soldering station

Scrape knife

Solder paste

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