How to fix iPhone X No Display| Mother-board Repair


When you see an iPhone has no display, the first thing is to confirm whether it’s an iPhone with backlight issue, defect screen or simply not booting. In this article, we demonstrate how to troubleshoot and repair iPhone X no display with motherboard repair, hope you enjoy our sharing.

Step 1 Function Test

We have received an iPhone X which has no display function from our customer. First, buckle a new screen assembly, connect with the DC Power Supply and test.

The iPhone has no display, while the booting current is measured normal, connect the iPhone to the PC, the computer shows the iPhone, which proves the iPhone can boot up. Therefore, we can tell it’s the motherboard that caused the iPhone X no display problem.

Step 2 Diagnosis

Takedown and troubleshoot the motherboard, the display connector J5700 pin 33 is measured open. As the display connector pin 33 is the display data line through the FL5730 to the CPU, next, troubleshoot the FL5730.

Step 3 Troubleshoot

Take off the foam pads on the display connector and scrape off the black sticker, the FL5730 has fallen off, it’s likely that the FL5730 is poorly soldered

Step 4 Repair

The FL5730 work as a filter to separate signals from different frequencies, ideally replace it to repair, or make jumpers to repair by connecting the FL5730 with the cooper wire. Remeasure the display connector diode resistance, the diodes showed normal.

Step 5 Assemble & Test

Reassemble the iPhone and test, iPhone display works properly, repair completed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:

DC Power Supply

Solder flux


Soft brush

Copper wire

Connector foam pads

PCB cleaner

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