How to Fix iPhone 8 Touch Not Working | Chip Repair


Why does your iPhone touch screen stop work? It could be a hardware or a software problem, but if your iPhone touch remains unresponsive after you have troubleshooted iPhone software and replaced the screen, the problem normally lies in the motherboard. Today, we share how to fix iPhone 8 touch not working chip repair, hope you enjoy our sharing.

Step 1 Install and Test

Since the screen touch is unresponsive, we replace with a known good screen and test. The iPhone touch remains unresponsive, so it’s the motherboard has caused the iPhone touch not working

Step 2 Troubleshooting

We measured both the touch connector resistance and touch ID connector resistance are normal. which means there’s no connector problem. Then we measured the working voltage of the touch connector and discovered the C5601 has no +5.1V.


The reasons that can cause capacitor C5601 has no +5.1V working voltage are: defect power supply IC U5600, touch line failure and home button line failure, etc.; based on our experience, most touch issue caused by the home button line failure, so we start troubleshooting with the home button line (fingerprint chip U5890 is the main reason to cause home button line failure)

Step 3 Repairing

We remove and replace the IC chip U5890, the touch works well, so it’s the defect fingerprint chip U5890 has caused touch malfunction. Repair completed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools & Materials used in this video:

Solder flux

Hot air gun


Solder paste

Soldering net


Soldering iron

PCB cleaner

Desoldering braid/solder wick

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