How to Fix iPhone 7 No Service/No Signal | Chip Level Repair


If your iPhone shows “No Service” in the status bar (even if baseband is available), it can caused by either software or hardware issues. We have received an iPhone 7 from our customer claimed it has “No Service” problem, In this article, we will share how to troubleshoot and fix iPhone 7 no signal/no service through chip-level repair, hope you enjoy our sharing.

Step 1 Function Test

Insert the SIM card, power on the iPhone and turn off the Airplane Mode, the iPhone shows No Service. Open Settings>General>About, both baseband (Modem Firmware) and ICCID has data, proving the iPhone can read the SIM card.

Step 2 Diagnosis

Measure the diode resistance of the RF circuit power supply and discover the diode resistance of C7117_RF is measured short circut. As the power amplifier IC QPOET_RF provides power for signal amplifier and the power goes through C7117_RF, therefore the C7117_RF short circuit will cause no signal.

Step 3 Troubleshooting

Remove the power amplifier IC QPOET_RF and remeasure the diode resistance, the diode resistance remains short circuit. Remove the low-frequency amplifier IC and remeasure, the diode reisstance showed normal. Therefore, it’s the defect low-frequency amplifier IC that caused the short circuit

Step 4 Repairing

Replace a new good low-frequency amplifier IC and remeasure the diode resistance of C7117_RF. The diode resistance showed normal.

Step 5 Reassemble & Test

Reassemble the motherboard then power on the iPhone, signal backs normal, repair completed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:


Soldering iron



Solder flux

Hot air gun

Motherboard fixture

Desoldering braid/ solder wick

PCB cleaner

Soft brush

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