How to Fix iPhone 7 Audio Recorder Not Working | Chip Level Repair


In this case, we have an iPhone 7 from our customer, customer has tested and discovered the ear speaker, loud speaker and microphone worked well during phone call, but the audio recorder couldn’t work. After software troubleshooting and replacing the charging dock assembly, the iPhone audio recorder still couldn’t work. And the problem is caused motherboard defect. In this article we will share with you how to fix iPhone 7 audio recorder not working by chip level repair, hope you enjoy.

Step 1 Function Test

Turn on the iPhone and open Voice Memos. Tap the record icon and speak into the microphone, there is no waveform. The recorder is not working.

Step 2 Troubleshooting

Turn off and dissemble the iPhone. Measure diode resistance of the charging port connector pin 29, pin 30, pin 31 and pin 32. We discovered the pin 29 is showed short circuit.

Step 3 Repairing

The components that can cause pin 29 short circuit are: capacitor C4128 and audio IC U3101, in order to detect the problem, we can remove the inductor FL4116 that connected between the two components before test. After removing the FL4116, the diode resistance on the Audio IC U3101 end remains short circuit, therefore we are confirmed the audio IC U3101 is defective and has caused the short circuit.

Take off and replace a new good audio IC U3101. Reassemble the FL41116 and measure, the pin 29 diode resistance showed normal

Step 4 Final Check

Reassemble and power on the iPhone, open the Voice Memos and test, audio recorder works well, repair completed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:



iPhone 7 Fixture


Solder flux

Hot air gun


Soldering iron

Desoldering braid/ solder wick

PCB cleaner

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