How to Fix iPhone 7/8 Home Button Not Working, No Touch ID


What should you do if you accidently break the home button flex cable while replacing the screen? Home button flex cable damage often results in home button failure and touch ID failure. In this video, we show how to restore the home button function and fingerprint function for iPhone 7/8 by micro-soldering, hope you enjoy our sharing.

Step 1 Function Test

Turn on the iPhone and test, neither home button function or fingerprint function is working

Step 2 Diagnosis

Disassemble the iPhone, we found the home button assembly flex cable is broken

Step 3 Repairing

Carefully cut off the home button flex cable connector, then gently peel off the black protection sticker, the base cooper foil and the green coating. Prepare a new home button flex cable assembly, cut off the unwanted part, align and solder.  

Apply the green PCB UV solder mask on the soldered flex cable to prevent solder bridges short circuit. Finally, connect and solder with 3 cooper conductor wires.

Step 4 Reassemble and Test

Reassemble the iPhone and Test, both home button function and fingerprint function work well

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:


Soldering iron



PCB cleaner

Solder wire/cooper conductor wire

Green PCB UV curable solder mask

UV glue curing lamp

Solder flux

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