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We have received an iPad 2017 which has neither home button nor fingerprint function from our customer, in this article we will demonstrate how to troubleshoot and repair the iPad 2017 fingerprint and home button malfunction, we hope you enjoy our sharing

Step 1 Function Test

Boot up the iPad and test, the iPad 2017 has neither fingerprint nor home button function.

Step 2 Troubleshoot

Turn off the iPad and prepare for troubleshooting. Heat up the iPad with the heating mat (temperature setting: 80℃). Then carefully separate the touch glass.

When the touch glass is removed, we found the fingerprint flex cable is broken. Therefore, we can tell the home button & fingerprint malfunction is caused by the broken fingerprint flex cable.

Step 3 Repair

Loosen the screws and separate the display screen assembly, take down the display screen assembly completely by removing the shield. Insert a metal plate under the broken flex cable to prevent heating damage.

Use the soldering iron to remove the broken fingerprint flex cable (the bottom part), Prepare a new fingerprint flex cable by taking off the bottom part as well, then secure and align both flex cables under the microscope.

Add solder flux, solder the two sides of the cables, then add more solder flux and solder the fingerprint flex cable completely. Finish off with the PCB cleaner. Last but not the least, attach an insulation sticker on the fingerprint flex cable.

Step 4 Assemble & Test

Assemble the display and touch screen assembly, boot up the iPad and test. Both fingerprint and home button function work properly, repair completed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:


Heating mat

Solder flux paste

Soldering iron



Scrape knife

PCB cleaner

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