How to Expand iPhone Storage: iPhone 7 Plus From 32GB to 256GB


You’re not very likely to worry about running out of storage if you’ve got a large capacity iPhone, but Apple charges quite a lot for bigger memory. Is there an alternative to upgrade your iPhone storage? Check this article out, the reliable practice for iPhone storage upgrade, no more worries against storage shortage! In this article, we upgrade the iPhone 7 Plus storage from 32GB to 256GB, we hope you enjoy our sharing.

Step 1 Function Test

Boot up the iPhone 7 Plus and run through test, all iPhone function showed normal and we confirmed the iPhone storage is 32GB. Turn off and dissemble the iPhone, get prepared for the storage expansion.

Step 2 Take off the NAND

Take off the motherboard, heat up the black sticker around the NAND, then cut off the insulation sticker with the glue-removal knife. Heat the NAND afterwards, then carefully pry open the NAND with the scrape knife.

Add solder flux paste, clean the solder pads with the soldering iron, then desolder the NAND solder pads with the solder wick. Moreover, desolder the NAND as well, and clean up with a soft brush.

Step 3 Data Transfer

Use the JC NAND programmer to read and backup information from the original NAND, then transfer the data via the programmer to a new NAND (with 256GB storage). Check whether the data has been written correctly.

Step 4 Assemble the New NAND

Clean the NAND solder pads with PCB cleaner and scrape off the rest black sticker with the scrape knife. Then add solder flux paste, carefully align and solder the new NAND. Cool down for 5 minutes afterwards.

Step 5 Restore & Test

Assemble the motherboard and restore the system. Then turn on and test. All function works properly and the iPhone storage has been successfully expanded into 256GB.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools and Materials Used in This Video:



Motherboard fixture holder

Hot air gun

Scrape knife

Solder flux paste

Soldering iron


Desoldering braid/solder wick

Glue-removal knife


Soft brush

PCB cleaner

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