How to Change iPhone X Back Glass


There are 3 main ways to disassemble the Apple back cover glass for its recent models (8, 8P, X, XR, XR, XS MAX):first, the separating laser machine, which is fast but costly; second is to disassemble the display and battery that needs lots of time & work and may damage some parts; last but not the least, the method we are sharing today – use the hot air gun to disassemble the back cover glass. (save time and money, but need to take good care of temperature). We hope you enjoy our sharing.

Step 1 Function Test

Turn on the iPhone X and test it, which works normally.

Step 2 Back Glass Removal

Turn off and set the iPhone on the fixture. Next, use the hot air gun and carefully to peel off the back glass, then remember to clean it up. Last, test the function, the iPhone X works properly.

Step 3 Assemble Back Glass

Align and glue the back-cover housing and a new back glass replacement

Step 4 Retest

Wait until the back glass well bonded and retest the iPhone. All works well, case closed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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Tools & Materials used in this video:

Hot air gun

Fixture for iPhone X

No.17 blade

Knife blade

Back glass (bigger camera hole)


Masking tape

Explosion-proof safety glass


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