How is, one of the largest repair platforms in China, to expand the business?


Recently, the well-known Internet maintenance platform in China has reached strategic cooperation with HO3, the first self-developed brand screen manufacturer in China. HO3 will provide parts support for, and will become the official authorized agent of HO3, selling HO3 related products. It is reported that the first store has been launched a few days ago, sales of accessories category are continually increasing.

Improve the supply chain system to expand the business is an Internet platform that focuses on to door repair services. The quality of parts and the professionalism of engineers are the core drivers of its development. The strategic cooperation with HO3 has helped to further strengthen their supply chain layout and accelerate the development of new business platforms.

It is understood that HO3 is one of the few companies with R&D strength, owning patent of the brand screen, owning manufacturing plant and a complete supply chain system. As a special mobile phone to door service provider in the industry, has more than 150 stores across the country, over 1000 technicians, and has a large demand for high-quality accessories. With the addition of HO3, the customer service chain system will be further upgraded to meet the needs of users. With the influence of in the industry, HO3 can also empower sales scale and quickly increase its brand reputation.

High-quality parts to enhance the customer experience

High-quality parts are the key factor for customers to choose the after-sales platform. HO3’s high-quality accessories can help to become more popular with consumers. HO3 has three international R&D and production centers. All researchers have an average of 12 years of experience in R&D of electronic products. HO3 has obtained more than 50 domestic and foreign patent certifications. Besides, every piece of HO3 products has passed the third-party certification of international CE, RoHS, and other institutions. Before leaving the factory, all the products need to pass more than 30 strict factory inspections, and the quality inspection personnel strictly control the whole process to ensure the high quality of the products.

At present, the monthly repairing order of has exceeded 100,000 and still increasing rapidly, which also requires its suppliers to have stable, high-quality parts supply. HO3 has achieved systematic production in manufacturing spare parts. HO3 is operating a super-large dust-free production workshop of 3,000 square meters and has four fully automatic production lines to ensure stable production.

JD store online expanding the business line

To meet the more diverse needs of consumers, is actively exploring more businesses. At present, has opened the mobile phone to door repair, intelligent equipment repair, projector repair, intelligent robot repair, electronic cigarette equipment repair, and other repair sections, and more value-added services such as on-site installation. With the achievement of the strategic cooperation with HO3, quickly launched the spare parts business and opened an online store at for selling high-quality mobile phone spare parts. was founded in 2015, committed to upgrading the repair industry, providing users with safe, transparent and convenient mobile to door repair services. In the past 4 years, continue to meet the needs of users. The strategic cooperation with HO3 is also based on the product quality of HO3 that committed to making users have a better experience. “This strategic cooperation with HO3, the supplement of has been expanded again, and will bring consumers a better service experience. At present, users are focused on the quality of the parts. We vow to change the chaos of low-quality spare parts used by traditional repairers, comprehensively upgrade the repair industry, and create an all-open, standardized, high-quality repair service environment.”  said Wu Wei, CEO of

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