Branded CMR, Confusion or A Better Choice? Check Our Latest Industry Weekly Rundown


  1. 2019 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

We would like to wish all our customers and their families a very happy Chinese New Year and all the best for 2019! In order to secure your inventory and avoid possible delays please ensure pre-holiday orders are submitted as soon as possible as our China offices will be closed during the holidays:

*Order cut-off: 22/01/2019

*Busy shipping: 23-29/01/2019

*Shipping cut-off: 30-31/01/2019

*China office holiday on: 31/01/2019 – 10/02/2019

*China office back to work on: 11/02/2019

Our EU office will be opened as usual.



TEL: +46(0)707785030

Thank you for your continued support this year and we’ll always improve our services and products to serve you the best!


  1. Branded CMR, Confusion or A Better Choice?

Along with the landing of HO3 screen for iPhone one year ago, a vast variety of aftersales suppliers have launched their own branded solution. With a large number of CMR brands on the market to choose from, you might feel complicated. The truth is –

mere material upgrades like bright enhanced backlight are not enough, it can boost aging as well as increase energy consumption. However, some branded CMR screens are reliable solutions as they can be both affordable as well as quality-stable. Take HO3 screen for example, it is engineered with advanced 3D-incell Touch technology, built with well-selected materials (SHARP LCD; Voltage Regulator IC, backlight+BEF+ESR), tested and manufactured to industry top standards for quality, fit and durability, ensuring it outperforms other standard screens. To know more about HO3, contact us via:;; or shop directly on


  1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Experiencing Battery Drain After Android Pie Update

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ owners are reportedly facing battery drain issues after installing the recently released Android Pie update for the two phones. The phones are apparently going down several battery percentage points in a matter of seconds. It is unclear at this point if this a widespread issue or limited to certain geography.


  1. New iPhone XR Ad Released As iPhone XS Max Sales Expectations Cut in Half

According to Citi Research, Apple is now expected to sell nearly half the number of iPhone XS Max units it was originally projected to ship during this quarter. At the meantime, Apple is pushing hard for iPhone XR marketing with a new ad called “Color Flood” which highlights the variety of colors that are available on this model. For reliable iPhone XR cases and parts, contact us directly via:; or shop on


  1. Rigid OLED Screen over Flexible OLED Screen for iPhone X in the Aftersales Market

According to our upstream sources, the CMR rigid OLED screens for iPhone X series is surpasses the CMR flexible OLED screens in quality and stability as the consequence of the immaturity of its technology. Although both screens are tested to be qualified aftersales solution, you may enjoy lower return rate and more reliable performance with the rigid OLED one.


  1. South Korea to Restrict OLED Equipment Exports to China as it Fears Technology Leaks

The South Korean government is planning to designate OLED equipment as the core technology of the country and restrict the export to prevent technology leaks, reported Business Korea, s South Korean media. According to the report, the measure was proposed due to the technology leaks by Toptec, a Samsung supplier which produces automated equipment for smartphone display production. The company was accused of selling Samsung’s latest OLED display technology to China’s BOE. The inclusion of OLED equipment as South Korea’s national core technology is believed t prevent such technology leaks.


  1. Allegedly Made by Xiaomi, An Upcoming Foldable New Phone

2019 could be the year we see a lot of foldable phones land on the market. Many smartphone makers, including Huawei and Samsung, have already revealed their intention of launching such phones, and according to latest leaks, Xiaomi’s foldable phone is also on its way. Trusted tipster Evan Blass shared a video showing a three-panel folding phone from Xiaomi. It could mean that the device has three parts: one with the main screen, a second to the right of the main screen, and a third on the left. The screens on both sides are folded to form a smartphone.


  1. Ohio Man Claims iPhone XS Max Caught Fire in His Pants

A man in Ohio recently claimed that his three-week-old iPhone XS Max caught fire in his pants. The victim complained about it to Apple but received a lackluster response. Given how many times smartphones have caught fire despite all the safety precautions and testing, it appears to be impossible to eliminate such incidents completely. Although this is the first reported incident involving the iPhone XS Max.


  1. Qualcomm Scores Victory in Battle to Ban iPhone From Germany

Qualcomm gets serious and secures a ban on sales of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X in Germany. Apple, however, pulls iPhone from its own stores only, third-party providers and mobile operators will continue to offer the models. The long-running patent dispute is about a Qualcomm technology that adjust the power consumption of wireless chips to extend battery life and was allegedly illegally used by Apple in iPhone models without paying the appropriate license fee.



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