HO3 for iPhone X, Post-Holiday Shipping, Check Out Our Weekly Rundown



  1. HO3 for iPhone X Samples Ready, Official Release Coming Soon

Last year, HO3 screen for iPhone has showed great quality and efficiency as OEM alternative solution. This year, it is taking the quality a step further with the HO3 for iPhone X. HO3 for iPhone X screens samples are ready for testing and trail, we are still working hard to optimize its performance before its official release. For HO3 trail and sample details, please contact: info@hcqs.com.cn; service@hcqs.eu.


  1. Be Aware of Possible Post-holiday Shipping Delays

Many Chinese companies are back to work from holidays, but it takes a while before everything back on track. we are expecting some post-holiday shipping delays as a large amount of orders will rush to carriers, we also recommend you to double check with your supplier about your order and keep a close eye on your order shipping progress.


  1. Future Poisonous Gas Sensor in iPhone and Apple Watch Could Protect You from Biohazards

Apple devices can already count your steps and monitor your heart rate. But in the future, they could help you stay healthy in another way: by making sure you don’t inhale poison. Patently Apple reported that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple patent application for a miniature sensor that would give its iPhones, Apple Watches, and MacBooks the ability to detect poisonous gases – the latest sign that Apple is leaning into a dystopian future.


  1. Huawei CEO Warns of Job Losses in Email to Employees

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei fired off a companywide email warning that a slowdown in the sale of its 5G gear could lead to job cuts. “In the coming years, the overall situation will probably not be as bright as imagined, we have to prepare for times of hardship,” Ren said, according to the Financial Times. “We also need to give up some mediocre employees and lower labor expenses.” There has been speculation that Huawei’s troubles could lead to increased sales by rivals Nokia and Ericsson.


  1. DSCC Details the Screens Samsung will Use in Its Upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10 Smartphone

According to DSCC, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will come in three models: The Galaxy S10 Light will use a 5.75″ 2340×1080 flexible AMOLED display; the Galaxy S10 will sport a 6.11″ 3120×1440 flexible AMOLED; the Galaxy S10 Plus will sport a large 6.44″ 3120×1440 flexible AMOLED. Compared to S9, the S10 Light has a similar screen size, but lower resolution.


  1. Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung Electronics in Indian Smartphone Market

Xiaomi of China beat Samsung Electronics in the Indian smartphone market for the first-time last year. Chinese marker Xiaomi came in first in the Indian smartphone market with a 28 percent share in 2018. Its market share jumped 9 percentage points from 19 percent in 2017. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Xiaomi recorded a 27 percent market share, surpassing Samsung Electronics’ 22 percent. For the whole of 2018, Samsung’s market share reached 24 percent, unchanged from 2017. Samsung Electronics was followed by Chinese companies – Vivo (10 percent) and Oppo (8 percent) which came in third or fourth, respectively.


  1. Some 2017 iPad Pro Users Are Seeing Bright Spot Above Home Button

Some of the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models released in 2017 appear to be suffering from a display issue. According to some 2017 iPad Pro users, a faint white spot is appearing above the home button. This bright spot issue with the 2017 iPad Pro does not appear to be a new problem, but now more users are reporting the same thing. As of now, it is not exactly clear what is causing the spot issue with the 2017 iPad Pro, but speculations are that it could be related to the backlighting.

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