Guide for iPhone X Series Screen Testing Programmer


This is a screen test programmer for Apple X series. Supports model: X/XR/XS/XS MAX. It is one machine with multi-card design, which can test display, touch, 3D touch, brightness and recovery true tone. This test programmer can help you save much cost of purchasing AX Series testing device. If you are interested in this testing programmer, welcome to contact. Hope you enjoy our sharing.

Step. 1 Function Test Method

Take an iPhone XS board and put it into the test programmer. Next, press the red button and observe the self-checking light.

Green light: touch work well

Red light: touch malfunction

Step. 2 Brightness test

Step. 3Display Test

In different color backgrounds, it can detect the problem of display.

Step. 4 Touch Test

Touch the screen from left side to figure out if any dead touch area or inconsistent issue

Step. 5 3DTouch Test

The programmer can detect multidimensional pressure, and then take off the board.

Step. 6 True Tone Recovery Method

Transfer the data of original screen to a new screen on the test programmer and complete the data transfer, case closed.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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