CMR iPhone Screen in Stock, Apple New Repair Policy, All in Weekly Rundown


  1. Apple: iPhone with Aftermarket Batteries Now Eligible for Repairs

Apple has decided to relax its policy towards iPhone repairs, allowing Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers to accept smartphones with aftermarket batteries, no matter the type of repairs that are required. Furthermore, if the battery is culprit, Apple’s service centers can now replace the third-party unit with an official Apple battery without any extra cost, with the customer required to pay only the standard fee. It is believed this change of policy is a result of the company struggling to maintain its userbase. What do you think of Apple’s new repair policy? Leave us your thoughts.


  1. CMR iPhone XS Screen in Stock

New iPhone XS aftermarket solution in stock: CMR flexible OLED, CMR Rigid OLED and the TFT LCD. Their performance is much like the iPhone X CMR solution, the Rigid OLED iPhone XS screen is more reliable in quality, while the TFT iPhone XS LCD screen is the most price competitive. For the price or more information, please contact us via;


  1. HO3 Screen for iPhone is Recyclable/Refurbish-able

As a reliable aftersales solution, HO3 screen for iPhone is not only cost-efficient, but also refurbishable/recyclable! Different from typical china made aftermarket screens, HO3 LCD for iPhone can work properly even without cover glass, watch the the video :  for more information, contact via;


  1. Corning is Reportedly Developing a Glass Variant Specifically Made for Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones such as the Mate X from Huawei use plastic polymers to enable the display to bend. However, plastic tends to crease after a certain number of folds and is also more prone to scratches. Corning, of Gorilla Glass fame, is apparently working on a foldable glass that Apple might use in the future. The company is currently experimenting with the fusion of the rollable Willow Glass and Gorilla Glass and believing that in a couple of years, it will be able to come out with a foldable glass that is both drop resistant to degree and has a tighter bend radius.


  1. SDC Sent Foldable OLED Samples to Apple and Google

According to Korea’s ETNews reports that Samsung has shipped foldable OLED display samples to both Apple and Google. The displays sent to Apple were 7.2’’ in size, just slightly smaller than the Galaxy Fold OLED display. Samsung Display, as the leading AMOLED maker will probably be the first one to have enough volume to satisfy Apple, even though SDC’s current foldable capacity is very limited.


  1. iPhone Demand Affects Apple’s Largest Foundry, Foxconn

The reduction in demand for iPhone has led to a reduction in Apple’s orders to supplier. Foxconn, which overall business is accounted for about 45% from Apple orders, has been largely affected. According to reports in the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Foxconn employees’ salaries have been slashed and their benefits scrapped. Foxconn will also cut $2.9 billion in spending in 2019, which could drive further changes that affect its employees.


  1. Only 15 Minutes! Leak Claims the Apple AirPods 2 Will Have Super-Fast Wireless Charge

Apple is expected to unveil the AirPods 2 at its March iPad event. The updated version of the wireless earphones are rumored to have improved sound quality, water resistance, a grippier rubber coating, always-on Siri, and a new black color option. A new leak from XDA’s Max Weinbach further reveals that the AirPods 2 will have fast wireless charging case through the Qi standard that will be able to charge both the case and the AirPods themselves from 0 to 100% in just 15 minutes. There will be a downside though, the case will be bigger in one direction and heavier.


  1. Samsung is Working on Two New Foldable Phones

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is shaping to be the first mainstream foldable phone, but Samsung is already working on two other foldable phone designs that could follow the Galaxy Fold. The first one is a clamshell phone with a foldable screen on the inside and the other one is an outward folding phone, with its screen on the outside, much like the Huawei Mate X, according to a report by Bloomberg. The clamshell foldable phone with a vertically unfolding screen is one that Samsung is planning to reveal to the public late this year or early in the next year. As to the other folding design, the one unfolding outwards, that already exists as a prototype as it was earlier considered to replace the Galaxy Fold.


  1. Samsung: Beware of Unofficial Display Protector for the Galaxy S10

Samsung is issuing an official warning about Galaxy S10/S10+ display protector. Samsung’s new fingerprint sensor uses ultrasound rather than optical scanning. The sensor works well overall, but with a thick bulletproof glass over the display it obviously has problems and no longer recognizes the fingerprint. In other words, the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ is unlikely to work with other than Samsung films. Samsung will supply a detachable screen protector for the Galaxy S10 variants with ultrasonic sensors right out of the box, and is covered by 90 days warranty, otherwise a replacement will be cost $29.99.

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