Brief Introduction: JC Nand Chip Read/Write Programmers


As JC only authorized agent in overseas market, HCQS offers comprehensive and genuine JC mobile phone repairing tools with the best possible prices and services. In this article, we will briefly introduce one of the JC star products – JC Nand chip programmer.

What’s JC Nand Chip Programmer?

The JC Nand chip programmer is to read and write the data between the old and new Nands, you can use it when your iPhone has a defective Nand or if you need to expand your iPhone storage.  Additionally, this programmer supports Nand function checking via iPhone system restoration.

We provide 4 models of JC Nand programmers which are:

JC P7 PCIE Programmer for iPhone 7/7plus,

JC PCIE 8 Programmer for iPhone 8/8plus/X,

JC PCIE XR Programmer for iPhone XR/XS/XSMAX

3rd Generation 64 Bit Programmer for iPhone 5S/6/6P, iPad Air1/Air2/Mini3/Mini4

How to Use

Take the 3rd Generation 64 Bit Hard Disk Restorer for example, the usage of the JC Nand Programmer is quite simple.


In order to read/write your iPhone Nand data, first log in JC repair assistance and click “Nand Repair”, place the Nand chip and click “Open Port” to connect, you can hereby see the chip information.


Click “Query Info” to read all the information including but not limited to serial numbers, model, region, WI-FI address on the Nand chip.


You can save all data on a file by clicking “Backup SYSCFG Data”, when backup completed, you may remove the Nand chip.

Pre-write Underlying Infrastructure

Set the new Nand chip into the programmer, once the Nand chip placed, the system will automatically check on connection. You can click “Query Info” to read all data on the new Nand chip. For better data match, we can prewrite the underling infrastructure on the new Nand chip.

First, click “iphxne” button, set the model data, then choose “Write SYSCFG Data”, to check the result, you can click the “Query Info” again, and you will find all data has been set as you prewritten.

Write-in Backup Data

When you need to write data in your new Nand chip, simply click “Restore SYSCFG Data”, then you can choose to transfer the old Nand chip data like serial numbers, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi address etc. from your backup file. When you see the success sign from the computer, means data write-in completed.

System Restoration

This programmer support system restoration as well. Start with clicking “Restore”, the iTunes will automatically pop out and you can choose to restore the system as you wish. When finish restoring the system, the iTunes will report an error code 53 because we didn’t restore the system on a real iPhone.

When you see the error code 53, it means the Nand chip is working properly and we can install it back to the motherboard. Otherwise, other error code indicates there might be defect in your Nand chip.

Final Notice

When you place the Nand chip in the programmer, please pre-desolder all the tin balls, otherwise it may cause false data reading/writing

Place the Nand chip in correct direction, you can refer to the direction mark on the programmer.

Please refer to below detailed video:

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