How to Solve iPhone 7 and Up Home Button Not Working


With the iPhone 7 and up, Apple replaced the traditional click-mechanism home button with a pressure-sensitive one that uses haptic feedback to mimic the clicks. On the backside of the home button, there embedded a chip stores the key that allows the board to recognize it. Which means, if you replaced a button on your devices whether with original or aftermarket screen, the board will not recognize the home button. As a result, it will not be able to scan the finger print and will not react to any input. And the only way to wake the phone is to use the power button or raise to wake.

Home Button Not Working After Screen Replacement

Rumors were spread that Apple did this to prevent replacing screens with aftermarket parts. But that is not true. You can keep the home button functionality completely by transfer the intact home button and flex cable when you replace the screen. But expect cheap parts to perform poorly.

Many cheap replacement screens come with a defective home button interconnect cable. When the home button works with the original screen fails with the replacement screen, it indicates that you need to warranty or replace the bad screen. What’s worse, the whole batch can be defective. So, it’s never wrong to invest in good quality parts from reputable vendors.

Home Button Not Working for Teared Home Button Flex Cable

However, sometimes while disassembling the iPhone, you damaged the home button extension cable on the broken screen, then you try to install on a bad replacement screen. Now the home button doesn’t work on neither the old nor the new screen, and you assume the home button itself has failed. Well no, sometimes it hasn’t. It could be the damage on flex cable.

When you may damage the home button and completely lose all functions or teared the home button cable, there are 2 solutions for you if you are in this situation. The first solution is to re-solder the pieces together which requires much of patience. The second solution is to fit the original broken screen together with the damaged home button and deliver them to an Apple Store or AASP for complete screen assembly replacement and recalibrating. The cost of the new screen from Apple is comparable in price to the cost of stitching the broken home button back together.

Home Button Not Working for Damaged Home Button Chip

In some instances, a chip on the home button, other than the one mentioned in the beginning of this article, is damaged and failed. The damaged chip will prevent home button function from working such as exiting an app and going back to home screen. But the finger print scanner would still be working which allows you to wake/unlock the screen with your finger/fingerprint. This chip is accessible and can be replaced and which means this issue can be fixed. Sometimes, a partial tear to the home button flex cable can cause the same failure.

Home Button Not Working for Damaged Front Camera Assembly

And it’s also reported that a damaged front camera assembly can interfere with the functioning of the Home Button/Touch ID. To rule out this risk, examine the home Button and Touch ID functions when disconnecting the front camera flex cable. But it should be noticed that some iPhone cannot boot completely or may boot-loop if home button is missing or damaged, as well as front cam assembly.

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