SE Back on Sale, iPhone Home Button with Returning Function, Check More of Our Industry Rundown


  1. CMR iPhone XS Max OLED Coming Soon

There will be 2 OLED aftermarket screens for iPhone XS Max coming soon, the CMR rigid OLED screen and the CMR flexible OLED screen, we are going to make a comprehensive review on both screens and upload it on our main social medias. You are welcome to subscribe our YouTube channel or visit our website for the latest industry news, comments, tests and reviews.


  1. New iPhone 7/7P/8/8P Home Button Replacement with Returning Function in Test

Replacing home button flex cable for iPhone 7 and 8 series may face function compromises, including Touch ID malfunction and unable to press back on home page, we are testing and confirming the stability of the new home button flex cables for these series that solve the return-to-home functionality, it will soon come to the market when the tests completed, customers are welcome to contact us for more information via;

  1. Please Ensure Your Pre-Holiday Inventory as Chinese New Year is Coming

Chinese Spring Festival is approaching, in order to secure your inventory and avoid possible delays please ensure pre-holiday orders are submitted as soon as possible as our China offices will be closed during the holidays:

*Last receiving orders on: 22/01/2019

*Busy shipping: 23-29/01/2019

*Cut-off Time: 29-30/01/2019

*China office holiday on: 31/01/2019 – 10/02/2019

*China office back to work on: 11/02/2019

Orders received after January 27th, 2019 may face possible delays.

Our EU office will be opened as usual.;; tel: +46(0)707785030



  1. iPhone SE Goes Back on Sale At $249 – May Resurrect iPhone 5S Aftermarket Screen

Apple has quietly started selling the beloved iPhone SE again, just four months after it was discontinued with the release of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The iPhone SE launched in March 2016 with a starting price of $400 for the 16GB model, while the 32GB version is now being sold for $249, the 128GB version, meanwhile, is being sold for $299. It is looks like Apple just clearing out its remaining stock. Such promotion could help shore up iPhone sales in 2019 and boost iPhone 5S aftermarket screen, as the iPhone 5S aftermarket screen is compatible with iPhone SE screen.


  1. Apple Supplier AMS Develops Behind-screen Optical Sensor for Phones

According to Reuters, Apple supplier AMS has developed a light and infrared proximity sensor that can sit behind a smartphone’s screen, reducing the area required for such sensors and so allowing for a larger display. It could mean that the ‘notch’, at the top of the phone would get smaller or disappear altogether. Rumors had suggested that Apple is planning to introduce a smaller notch in its 2019 iPhones, and this new technology from AMS paves the way.


  1. The Quality Issue on Touch Function of iPhone 6S Screens Rises Up Quite Much Recently

According to our monitoring, quite many recently sold iPhone 6S screens have quality problems, such as touch function issues, similar as ghost touch problem discovered on both OEM and CMR screens, which has caused a very high return rate on this model. For trustworthy iPhone 6s and above screens, please visit; or shop on;


  1. Analyst Predicts Apple Will Kill 3D Touch in 2019

Barclays analysts wrote in their research note to investors, a copy of which was obtained by MacRumors, that it’s “widely understood” among key supply chain players that 3D Touch will be removed from all OLED iPhones to be released in 2019. But it’s not clear why Apple would remove this feature while continuing to spend resources on enhancing iOS’s software features that use 3D Touch. Removing the 3D Touch Feature would also affect its panel assembly providers, leaving only out-cell/on-cell touch assembly businesses.


  1. BOE Surpasses LGD to Lead in Global Shipment of LCD TV Panels in 2018

Sigmaitell Consulting Co recently released the latest ranking of global liquid-crystal display (LCD) TV panel shipment for 2018 on January 16, 2019. BOE (54.3 million), LGD (48.6 million), Innolux (45.10 million), Samsung (39.4 million). And CSOT (38.7 million pieces) ranked in the top five in the world, of which BOE shipments ranked first in the world.


  1. Apple Replaced 11 Million Batteries Last Year

Apple offered a discounted battery replacement in 2018 and the result is 11 million iPhone with new batteries, this is almost 11 times higher than the usual rate of 1 to 2 million replacements annually. No wonder the company blames the battery replacement program for poor iPhone sales and lower than expected revenue. After all, $29 for a brand-new battery is quite the deal and beats buying the new iPhone XR/XS/XS Max by a huge margin.


  1. Samsung Teases Launch of Galaxy M Phone Series with Teardrop Display

Samsung’s new mid-range Galaxy M series is official, it’ll launch in India on 28 January, the company has announced via Amazon India. The series is thought to include three different phones called the M10, M20, and M30. Each phone will feature Samsung’s new “Infinity-V” teardrop display, large batteries and quick charging. According to Samsung India’s Senior Vice President Asim Warsi, they will cost between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees ($140 to $280) .

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