Quality Control

HCQS has consistently adhered to the provision of high quality products with our perfect quality management system, professional quality inspection equipment and technical personnel. And our strict pre-sales testing capabilities and complete process for LCD assembly, batteries, accessories and other full range of products ensure that each fitting meets the quality standards. And we devote ourselves to producing the best and most stable products to remove our customers concerns on quality.

Resource Management

Sampling inspection before procurement.

QC System

1.Comprehensive test facilities

2.Professional QC team

3.Specialized working environment

Quality Test Flow

1.Visual inspection

2.Functionality test

3.Assembly test

4.Check one by one before shipping


Cosmetic Inspection


Function Tests


  • 1.Check whether 3D Touch functioning

  • 2.Test the stability of the Touch Functionality Method: Scroll all the zones of the screen continually

  • 3.Test the durability of flex cables

  • 4.Check the definition of displayed images

  • 5.Check whether splash screen emerges

  • 6.Check whether chromatic aberration exists

  • 7.Check whether it is in normal brightness (500CD/m2) 500CD/m2

  • 8.Make sure the black-and-white screen is free of spots, dusts, scratches, or other foreign matters.

  • 9.Check whether the backlight is even