Order Process


1.Sales input order into ERP system

2. Merchandiser Dept. confirms the orders and then send the orders to PMC after the approval of sales manager and Financial Dept.

3.PMC arranges orders according to the orders and inventory. If there is no inventory, the orders will be send to Production Dept. If it's in stock, the order will be assigned to warehouse.

4.The Production Dept. has to follow the requirements of orders during production, and the Quality Dept. will conduct the first time quality inspection on the raw materials before producing. After the completion of producing, the finished products will experience the second quality inspection. The products passed the inspection will be sent to warehouse.

5. The warehouse sorts goods according to the orders.

6. The QC Dept. will conduct full inspection on products before shipment (the third quality inspection). and unqualified products will be returned to the warehouse and the warehouse return unqualified products to the production Dept.; qualified products will be send to the packaging Dept.

7. Packaging Dept. checks quantity and pack the goods.

8. After packaging, the goods will be delivered to logistics department.

9. After delivery, logistic Dept. feedbacks the packaging image and logistics information to the sales Dept., and sales feedbacks to customers.