One-stop Sourcing

HCQS is dedicated to meeting customer needs by providing them with one-stop sourcing solutions. From specific components to final assembled products we provide industry’s most comprehensive product offerings.

HCQS has proven hands-on experience and track of record of solving multiple problems for various customers all over the world. Whether you represent an operator, wholesaler, repair business or insurance company, HCQS have you covered.

Customized Product

HCQS offers customized products in facilitating our clients to develop their own brands. From unique product design to packaging, wherever the customization is the question, HCQS is the answer.

HCQS features in flexible and responsive to our customers’ demands. Besides standard LCD assembly,accessories, repair tools and other related products we offer services to ensure every spare part is customizable.

Technical Support

- Fast Expert Support

A vast network of factory-certified experts guarantees the right process, expertise and tools to solve any problem against product quality.

- Training Service

The training service such as repairing skills is available by our high level application expertise to ensure our clients’ peak performance and profit.