Health and Safety

We strive to offer and sustain a safe and healthful work environment for all of our employees, focusing in three critical areas:

Implementing global safety and health standards

Tracking global injury trends from first aid, medical treatment,restricted and lost time injuries.

Conducting safety and health audits of our operations around the globe


The safety and health of all our employees is a core value within our company. We expect all levels of management and employees to not only anticipate hazards, but also to address them and stop employees if they deem a work environment or task to be unsafe.

HCQS’s emphasis on safety and health encourages continuous improvement in all our processes, including the following:

1 Protective Devices We continually apply devices that mitigate risk from workplace processes and equipment.

2 Ergonomics Where processes involve repetitive tasks, we design work approaches to minimize the impact on our employees.

3 Preventive Maintenance With sound maintenance routines and protocols, HCQS continually reviews equipment to keep it in top operating shape, which reduces the potential for hazards while maximizing productivity.

4 Security To assure a well-protected, safe workplace, we consistently manage access to our facilities following international guidelines and standards.


With our continuous commitment to employee safety and health, HCQS ensures that safety goes hand-in-hand with operating productively, which in turn helps HCQS to compete effectively. Beyond this , many of HCQS’s products and services, including customization and consulting services, are designed to help our customers develop safely and greenly within their own operations.