State-of-the-art Equipment

By taking advantage of manufacturing automation,we deliver superior quality in products with maximized cost efficiencies. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us reduce cost, time, complexity and risk for our customers on a daily basis.

FOG Automation Equipment

FPC Bonding Mashine


Bezel Frame Laminating Machine

Vacumm Bubble Remove Machine


CCD Alignment Machine

FPC Bonding Mashine


How We Give You an Advantage

Your success is paramount. We deliver the industry’s broadest portfolio and have the right expertise to give you the advantages it takes to succeed.

We work closely with each customer to deliver tailor mobile spare parts solutions to meet specific needs by integrating services across our portfolio---never compromise.

Top Industry Knowledge

Our product knowledge, manufacturing experience, engineering expertise are part of every service we provide. You are backed by HCQS, every day.


Breakthrough Technologies

Our commitment to research and development helps keep our products sustainable, reliable and available---and your operations efficient.


Environment responsible Commitment

we utilize resources where they are most effective, at the end of the day, saving your time and money while improving mutual environmental stewardship.


Unparalleled Integration

We can provide customized solutions that span your enterprise. And we can integrate solutions to give your products, operations and business maximum performance.


Passionate People

HCQS people are with you every day, working around the clock to support your business abroad. Experienced, knowledgeable and committed---we’re here for you.


Integrated Supply Chain

The supply chain is essential for us to stay ahead of the customers’ needs and help them with troubleshooting.Our integrated supply chain ensures the control of all the critical aspects of the manufacturing process.

We gain complete control over our products as scaling up our embedded quality control process into a larger control system. We achieve more efficient, productive and safer plant operation through vigorous partnership.

Our integrated supply chain remains us capable regardless of any market turbulence. This capacity allows us to respond promptly to our customers’ demands, at the same time maintain the highest levels of quality backed by unwavering integrity and responsibility.