Environmental Stewardship

We believe that we can have a significant positive impact on the environment. With reliable and efficient operation, we can improve quality of life and reduce environmental waste.

Environmental Principles

HCQS along with our suppliers seek to operate in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner, we minimize adverse impact on the environment, avoid the use of hazardous materials where possible and engage in activities that reuse and recycle.

HCQS’s commitment to the environment is outlined in three main principles that define our philosophy and the practices we demand of ourselves to ensure that we conduct our businesses in an environmentally responsible manner.

1 The Company strongly believes that all corporations have a responsibility for the environment. This belief is reflected in a commitment throughout the Company’s operation to avoid creating any unacceptable risks to the environment.

2 The Company policies are not only comply with all applicable laws, benchmarks and regulations, but also reduce and eliminate hazardous waste where possible through materials selection and recycling. All wastes will be handled and/or disposed of through safe and responsible methods.

3 The Company will minimize the environmental, health and safely risks to its employees and the communities in which it operates through safe technologies, facilities, and opetrating procedures and by being prepared for emergencies. Any waste with the potential to adversely impact human or environmental health shall be appropriately managed, controlled and treated prior to release into the environment.

We are continually enhancing our business and our operations to benefit all of the parties that are connected to us.

Operational Approach

Our approach: reduce, reuse and recycle

HCQS handles the world environmental challenges mainly in two ways:

1 Efficiently use of resources

Our automation and technology applications provide efficient production and minimize the

2 Disposal in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Anything that is unusable will be safely classified, collected and transferred to electronic waste processing center, where they will be treated in accordance with the most environmentally responsible method.

Waste management

We have adopted the following waste management policy:

1 Avoid generating waste.

2 Re-use materials where possible.

3 If re-use is not possible, the waste materials are recycled.

4 If recycling is not possible, then the waste is transferred to waste treatment center.


Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away and turning them into new products. Recycling can benefit communities and the environment in numerous ways, including:

1 Preventing waste of potentially useful materials

2 Reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials

3 Cutting energy usage

4 Decreasing pollution

we recycle all functional parts of wireless devices, including LCDs, touchscreens, flex cables, wifi modules, speakers, and vibrators.

HCQS recycle services are the key to fulfill our commitment to create a sustainable product eco-circle. Our recycle services include electronic retail trade-in solutions and enterprise mobile device buyback.