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Perfect Functioning Home Button and 3D Touch of HCQS iPhone 7 LCD

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For iPhone 7 China-made LCD screen, 3D touch and home button not working has been a commonplace technical failure after replacement. HCQS keep searching on this with the principle of quality first. Finally, today we got good news from R&D department. The technical failure, 3D touch and home button not working, has been fixed by repairing LCD flex cable and home button flex cable. More details will be found in this report.

 Home button features and 3D touch Features

We can see from the test that HCQS iPhone 7 LCD screen home button works properly and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner also work perfectly. And 3D touch of HCQS iPhone 7 LCD screen also works well, and the screen can recognize your press force.

home button features and 3d touch features

Comparison of HCQS iPhone 7 LCD Screen and OEM LCD Screen.

  1. Dimensions

length comparison

width comparison

thickness comparison

The test data suggests there is a slight difference in length and width. But for the different touch solutions, HCQS LCD is relatively thicker than OEM screen.

  1. Structure


China made screen took G+F solution while OEM screens took In-cell solution. Different solutions cause HCQS LCD thickness increasing.

  1. Flex Cable

flex cable

Affected by the solutions of structuring technique, the textures of flex cable are different.

  1. Hydrophobic Effect Comparison(Alcohol and Water)

hydrophobic effect comparison

From the test, the hydrophobic effect of HCQS and OEM glass are very close.

  1. Installation


home button

The cover fits well with HCQS LCD. But it has a tiny gap which contributes to LCD thickness. And home button matches with home button hole perfectly.

  1. Display Test

display test

The display performances such as clarity, saturation and brightness are similar to OEM. But HCQS screen has a cooler color temperature.

  1. Polarizer Test

polarizer test

No notable difference in polarizers between HCQS LCD and OEM LCD.



From tests above, HCQS iPhone 7 LCD screen is very close to OEM in appearance, cover material, display and other parameters. Furthermore, for the better structure solutions, perfect functioning home button and 3d touch give HCQS iPhone 7 LCD screen the biggest strengths. So HCQS iPhone 7 LCD screen could be a qualified alternative for who want to cut repairing cost and get an affordable one.



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