iPhone 6s 3d touch test

Comparison of HCQS LCD Screen and China Made Screen For iPhone 6S Plus

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Comparison of HCQS LCD Screen and China Made Screen

3D Touch is a feature that Apple released with iPhone 6s/6s Plus that enhances the touchscreen’s capabilities. Today we are going to do a 3D Touch comparison test of HCQS Screen and China made screen. And seek out the reasons for different performances by tearing down the two LCD screens.


  1. Test

3D Touch Pressure Test

iPhone 6s 3d touch test

3D touch of Both HCQS and China made Screens work well on the Hands, and the live wallpapers moves can recognize your press force. You press harder, the fish moves faster. But when test on the desk, HCQS screen works well while China made screen is unresponsive.


3D Touch Sensitivity Test

3d touch sensitivity test

Do a firm press (with one light vibration) on the photo, both screens get enlarged views of the photo on the Hands. And do a firmer press(with two vibrations) on the photo, the photo of HCQS expand to fit the iPhone screen, but China made screen fails. When test on the desk, Peek and Pop with 3D touch of HCQS works perfectly while China made screen is totally unresponsive.


  1. Teardown to seek the reasons

IC Comparison of HCQS screen and China made screen)





In appearance or structure,HCQS and other China made IC are very different.


Disassemble LCD Screens

Parts showing

Back Light Module & Polarizer & LCD

back light module and Polarizer and lcd

The back light Module and polarizer of China made screen and HCQS are same.


 3 The reasons for China made screen test failure


3D touch sensitivity test failure :

China made IC is not compatible with its backlight module caused the 3D touch sensitivity test failure.


3D touch ill-functioning on the desk:

China made IC is not compatible with its polarizer caused ill electrostatic conductive circuit, resulting in static electricity cannot be discharged. Andit’s the reason that China made screen cannot use 3D function on the desk.

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